Like the feeling cannabis gives, but hate the smell of smoke? Try a Canna Cookie from MJ Bakes. These cookies are baked to perfection garunteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and your love of cannabis. 

Canna Cookies By MJ Bakes Delivery

  • HashCab drivers deliver on-demand. When placing an order, an estimate of time of arrival will be given based on your location provided. Many factors may determine the speed of delivery. HashCab will use available means to ensure deliveries are completed within time stated, and, while keeping members in touch with drivers and updated to status of delivery. 

    To redeem your free gift of cannabis from driver, member must be 21+ and present valid id. Driver's have the sole discretion to award members free gift of cannabis based on points earned from order. HashCab and the HashCab platform act as a point of reference connecting members to drivers to deliver requested products. HashCab reserves no responsibility for expectation of product by third party businesses listed on the HashCab app or any related HashCab platforms. Drivers also have the discretion to deliver or not deliver based on their perception of safety. In the event that an order is canceled by driver, member will be contacted for resolution or refund.


  • Canna Cookies are freshly baked and infused with the highest quality cannabis. This methed is known to impact the body more slowly, but continue the affects for hours at a time. Many have reported feeling the impacts of cannabis infused edibles up to 12 hours after original dosage.

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